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Include rewards sent outside of Tremendous for W-9 collection


About this feature

• Accessible to admins
• Supports email rewards sent to U.S. recipients


You can account for rewards sent outside of Tremendous for the purposes of W-9 form collection. Tremendous will include these rewards when considering a recipient's W-9 eligibility.

Upload rewards sent outside of Tremendous

To complete the following steps, the W-9 collection feature must be enabled.

  1. From the sidebar, click Team settings > W-9 collection.
  2. Click the tab labeled External rewards.
  3. Click Download a CSV template and open it in your spreadsheet editor of choice.
  4. Enter the information for the rewards you wish to upload.
  5. Save the document as a CSV file.
  6. On the External rewards page from step 2, click Upload and select the CSV file you created.
  7. Click Open.

Note: The User ID column corresponds to the external user ID custom field. If you don't use external user IDs, leave the user ID column blank.