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Fraud prevention

The fraud prevention feature allows you to set rules to flag suspicious reward redemptions. These rules are evaluated when a recipient redeems their reward.

Any flagged rewards are placed in a queue for your review. All rewards in the queue are automatically blocked after 30 days.

Getting started

To set up new rules, click Fraud prevention > Settings in the left-hand menu:

UI to set up Fraud prevention rules

These rules are enabled and calculated for each team separately. ‘Allow’ rules are evaluated first, followed by ‘Review’ rules.

When a recipient redeems their reward and triggers an ‘Allow’ rule, the reward skips the review queue.

If the reward triggers a ‘Review’ rule, it is flagged and placed in the review queue. Team admins will receive an email notification that a reward has been flagged.

The recipient will see this message if their reward is flagged:

Recipient experience of a flagged reward


Reviewing flagged rewards

To access the review queue, click Fraud prevention > Review queue in the left-hand menu:

Fraud review queue

You can click through each reward to release or block it. You can also use the Release/block by spreadsheet functionality to act on orders in bulk.


Frequently asked questions

  • Who has access to the feature?

    The feature is accessible to admins of all teams.

  • How do you define a single recipient?

    Recipients using the same phone number, email address, device, PayPal ID, or bank account will be identified as the same recipient. Even if a fraudster cycles through emails or uses a VPN, we can still identify that they’re using the same device and will flag accordingly.

  • What does the recipient experience when a reward is flagged?
    Since a reward is flagged upon redemption, the recipient will see a “Your reward is delayed” message after attempting to claim. If released, the recipient will receive an email with their chosen reward as normal. If blocked, the recipient will receive an email that their reward has been canceled and they will see an error page if they try to revisit the reward page.

  • What happens to blocked rewards?

    Blocked rewards are canceled and refunded.

  • What happens to rewards if I don’t take action?

    Flagged rewards will be automatically blocked after 30 days.