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Track eligibility for W-9 collection using user IDs


About this feature

• Accessible to admins
• Supports email rewards sent to U.S. recipients


By default, Tremendous tracks the total dollar amount sent to a specific email address. However, you have the option to associate a recipient to a user ID — instead of an email address — for the purposes of W-9 collection.

To successfully track reward issuance by this unique identifier, you must provide it on your reward orders. The user ID can include numbers and/or text.

Create the "External user ID" custom field

This custom field will override email address when determining W-9 eligibility.

  1. From the sidebar, click Team settings > Fields.
  2. Click Add custom field.
  3. Enter External user ID as the field name.
  4. Select Text as the field type.
  5. Click Save.


Can I send rewards to different email addresses using the same external user ID?

Yes. All rewards with the same external user ID will count under a single recipient.

What happens if I stop using external user IDs?

Rewards without an external user ID will fall back to tracking W-9 eligibility via email address. If you send two rewards to the same email address but only one has an external user ID, each will belong to a different recipient for the purposes of W-9 collection. For this reason, we recommend you commit to using (or not using) external user IDs for the entirety of the year.