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Collect W-9 forms from recipients


About this feature

• Accessible to admins
• Supports email rewards sent to U.S. recipients


Tremendous supports W-9 collection from U.S. recipients who redeem more than $600 in a calendar year.

Want to see how it works? Redeem a demo reward.

Turn on W-9 collection

By default, the form is triggered for recipients who redeem more than $600 in the current calendar year.

  1. From the sidebar, click Billing > Tax documents.
  2. Click Turn on W-9 collection.
  3. Select the checkbox to agree with our Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click Turn on.

Download W-9 information

W-9 information will be exported in a CSV file.

  1. From the sidebar, click Billing > Tax documents.
  2. Click the tab labeled Download.
  3. Select the tax year of interest.
  4. Select the checkbox to enable/disable the exclusion of SSN and EIN data.
  5. Click Download W-9.

The download will include all of the recipients who were sent $600+ in the selected year, but only includes W-9 information for those who have redeemed $600+ in that year.

Note: Tremendous cannot make a recipient redeem their reward in a given timeframe, which means we cannot require them to complete a W-9 by a specific date. For this reason, you may still have to collect some W-9 forms independently.


Does Tremendous offer tax advice?

No. We recommend that you consult with your own accountants and tax advisors to determine your company's tax responsibilities.

Does Tremendous issue 1099 forms?

No. Your company is responsible for 1099 issuance.

How does Tremendous track eligibility for W-9 collection?

We track the total dollar amount issued to a specific email address.

If you would prefer to associate recipients with user IDs instead of email addresses for W-9 collection — for instance, if one recipient has multiple email addresses — you can create an "External user ID" custom field instead. Learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of this approach here: Track W-9 eligibility with user IDs.

What if I sent some rewards outside of Tremendous?

If you sent rewards outside of Tremendous — for example, if you switched to Tremendous partway through the year — you can upload those reward amounts, and Tremendous will factor them into determining W-9 eligibility. Learn now to include rewards sent outside of Tremendous for W-9 calculation.

What conditions must be met for a W-9 to be collected successfully?

All of the following conditions must be met:

  • $600+ was sent to the recipient's email address during the current tax year
  • The recipient redeemed a reward after the W-9 feature was turned on
  • The reward is denominated in USD
  • The recipient's IP address is located in the U.S.

What validation does Tremendous provide to ensure W-9 forms are completed accurately?

We provide as much validation as possible on the form, e.g. requiring 9 digits for a SSN. However, Tremendous doesn't review submissions for completeness or accuracy, and it's ultimately up to the recipient to enter the correct information.

Does Tremendous collect tax forms for recipients outside of the U.S.?

No. We collect W-9 forms only if the recipient's IP address is located in the U.S.

How secure is the information you collect from recipients?

SSN and EIN data are encrypted in our database, and the download is accessible only by account admins. W-9 information is not shared outside of your account or accessible by third parties.