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Welcome to Tremendous! We transform the way organizations pay people by offering a custom redemption experience.  It only takes a few minutes to design a template, fund your account, and send your first reward.

Getting started

Step 1: Design a template

A campaign template is a menu of rewards that you can style to match your brand. You can customize colors, include a logo, and add a personalized message.



Step 2: Fund your account

Click “Add Funds” on the dashboard and choose credit card, U.S. bank account, or invoice. You can also add funds at checkout. Learn about payment options.

Step 3: Send your first order

  1. Click “Send Rewards” on the dashboard or “Start Order” in a template.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Upload a list or add recipients individually. Learn about adding recipients.
  4. Choose a funding source.

After your first order is sent, we will verify your account. This usually takes less than one business day. 


Invite other users to your Tremendous account. They'll have their own login, but you can share campaigns and payment methods with them.

If your company already uses Tremendous, you can ask your colleague to invite you to join their team.