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The Reward Email

Defining the look of your digital rewards


The reward email is one component of a digital reward's visual presentation. You can customize the email when editing a Campaign Template.

Customizable Properties

On the Design your email page when editing your template, click Edit your email to customize the following properties:

Logo (Optional)

Add your organization's logo and set its height in pixels. Because the background color of where the image sits is gray, we recommend you upload a PNG version of your logo that has a transparent background.

Background Color

You can change the color of the View Reward button to match your logo, or to be whatever color you want it to be!

Sender Name

When the recipient receives their reward email, it will be from "[Sender name] via Tremendous."

Subject Line

Customize the subject line of the reward email.


When customizing your message, you can include custom fields that will adjust depending on the recipient. For example, let's say your template message is set to "Hi !"

  • John Smith's reward will read "Hi John Smith!"

  • Sarah Lee's reward will read "Hi Sarah Lee!"