Send funds to Tremendous


You can send Tremendous a payment via ACH (U.S. only) or via wire transfer to top up your account balance. This may be the best option for your account if you:

  • Need to provide an invoice to your finance team

  • Cannot save any bank or credit card information to your Tremendous account


  1. Select the ACH/Wire transfer option in 'Explore all ways to add funds'
    You may also select the 'Create an invoice' option to let us know which account we should add the funds when we receive payment.

  2. Send us payment
    This is the part you have to do— once you have chosen your method to add funds, we'll share the bank details with you so you can send us the funds from your bank account.

Create an invoice

  1. From the account balance widget, click Explore all ways to add funds
  2. Select Create an invoice
  3. Enter the invoice details and billing information

Send us payment (U.S. only)

If your bank is located outside of the U.S., there are additional steps you need to follow. Click here for more information.

After selecting the 'ACH/Wire transfer' or 'Invoice' option, you must send the funds to us. (Generating an invoice will not automatically withdraw funds from your bank account.) The bank details will be listed on the invoice if this is the option you choose.


When will the funds hit my account?

This depends on the financial system. ACH transfers typically take 1–3 business days. Once we receive the funds, they'll be added to your Tremendous account immediately.

Can I pay an invoice by check?

No, Tremendous does not accept payment by check. Please use another payment method, such as bank transfer or credit card.

Can I add a VAT number to an invoice?

While Tremendous does not offer a dedicated field for a VAT number, you can add a VAT number to the memo field.