International Wires

How to send funds to Tremendous if you're not located in the US


If your bank is not based in the US, then you must follow a different set of instructions to send Tremendous a wire payment.

Why is there a different process for non-US organizations?

Our bank, Sunrise Banks, can accept only domestic wires. Therefore, Sunrise Banks has an account at PNC Bank to receive international wires.

Are there any fees?

PNC Bank deducts a $20-$30 fee from international wires (of which Tremendous does not receive any portion). Unfortunately, this means we're not able to eliminate the fee. The final amount we receive is the amount that will be added to your account balance.


When you receive your invoice, please do not send payment directly to the account listed. Instead, you can send the funds to Sunrise Banks' account at PNC Bank:

Beneficiary Bank

Bank Name: PNC Bank N.A.

Bank Address: 249 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Beneficiary Account

Account Number: 1069968815

Routing Number: 043000096

Account Name: Sunrise Banks, NA

Account Address: 200 University Avenue W, St. Paul, MN 55103

Further Credit Instruction (IMPORTANT)

You must include "GiftRocket 5809" in the credit instruction.

  • GiftRocket is Tremendous' legal name

  • 5809 is our account number at Sunrise Banks

If your bank does not include this information, Sunrise Banks will not know to direct the funds into our bank account. Consequently, the payment will be returned to sender.