Link reward security

Sometimes, the recipient of a reward may have to provide an email confirmation in order to access their reward after they've already redeemed it. The confirmation prompt will look like this:

Why this is helpful

Once a link reward has been redeemed for a gift card, the original link automatically redirects to that card. It would be detrimental to the security of the information if the link were to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

For example, if the reward was redeemed for an card, a person who got access to the link could steal the gift card code.

If the reward was redeemed for a Visa prepaid card, the bad actor might be able to access the card number and verification code. Even if the card was already spent, they still would be able to access private information via the transaction history.

An email confirmation sent to the rightful owner of the reward ensures that this sensitive information stays secure.

When this occurs

The security feature only applies to link delivery rewards, where the sender shares a link to the reward with their intended recipient. The “Confirm it’s you” check happens after the intended recipient has redeemed the reward.