Client referral program

Clients who refer new organizations to Tremendous can earn up to $200 for each organization they refer.

We’re honored when users share how they use Tremendous to save time and send better rewards and incentives. Clients who refer new organizations to Tremendous can earn up to $200 for each organization they refer:

  • $100 when a referral attends a demo, after meeting the criteria below.
  • $100 after a referral spends $500, whether or not they meet the demo criteria.

Referred organizations will also get up to $200 in credit added to their Tremendous balance. It’s a win-win.

Earn $100 when they attend a qualified demo

We’d love to talk to folks who are directly involved with any reward, incentive, or payout program that sends at least $10,000 per year.

If your referral meets these criteria, you'll get $100 after they attend a 30-minute demo, and we’ll add $100 to their organization’s shiny new Tremendous balance.

Earn $100 when they spend $500

Tremendous is for startups, Fortune 100 companies, Ph.D. candidates, nonprofits, or anyone who sends any kind of payout.

Regardless of whether your referral meets the demo qualifying criteria above, you'll earn a $100 reward when they send their first $500 with Tremendous. Your referral will also get a $100 credit added to their organization’s balance.

$500 in rewards can look like:

  • Holiday gifts for a small team.
  • Home office setup stipends for 2 new remote hires.
  • Incentives for a small survey research study.
  • Incentives for 5-10 customer interviews.
  • 1 marketing contest.
  • 10-20 customer rebates, discounts, or review incentives.
  • Free coffee for attendees at 1 event.

How to refer

  1. Share the personal link we emailed you.
  2. When someone visits your link, they’ll enter three details to accept your referral and see if they qualify for a demo:
    • An email address. Business emails only!
    • Your referral code.
    • An estimate of how much they send in rewards or incentives.
  3. If they qualify for a demo, they’ll be able to book a time with our product experts right away. If they don’t qualify for a demo, they can sign up for Tremendous and send their first payout in minutes.
  4. Once your referral sends their first $500 with Tremendous, attends a qualifying demo, or both, we’ll reach out to both of you with your rewards.


I lost my referral link. What should I do?

If you no longer have access to the email we sent containing your link, contact and we'll re-send it to you. As we expand the program in the future, we'll give you more ways to access your link.

I never received a referral link. Can I participate?

We're testing referrals with a limited audience for now. If you're a current Tremendous client interested in joining the referral program, contact

My referral wasn’t counted. Can I appeal?

Tremendous reserves the right to modify the terms of this referral program at any time.

If your referral books a demo but doesn’t meet the qualification criteria, we’ll invite them to create a Tremendous account. They and you will be eligible for the reward for spending $500, but but neither they nor you will be eligible for the qualified demo reward.

Please contact with the email address of the person you referred and why you think they are eligible. We will investigate and get back to you.

My job doesn’t let me accept referral rewards. Can I still refer people?

Absolutely. You can redeem your reward as a donation to the charity of your choice, or as a credit on your organization’s Tremendous balance.

Any other conditions I should know about?

  • Timing. Referrals are valid for 12 months after your friend enters your referral code. If you refer a friend in August, you’ll get rewarded when they send holiday gifts in December.
  • Maximums. You can earn rewards for up to 5 referrals — as much as $1,000 total!
  • Duplicate referrals. If two people refer the same company, we will reward the earliest recorded referrer.
  • Exclusions. We don’t offer rewards for referring:
    • Existing Tremendous customers.
    • Organizations already in active conversation with our sales team.
    • Other people within your organization. (We sometimes offer interdepartmental referrals at specific companies; if you’re one of them, we’ll let you know.)
    • Organizations on our Prohibited Customers and Services list, including cryptocurrency companies, crowdfunding platforms, and a few other services.
  • Partnerships, affiliates, and platforms. If you’d like to refer more than 5 people or work with us to promote Tremendous to your customers, let’s talk! Contact to discuss your options.

Can I refer people who have a different use case for Tremendous than I do?

Please do!

Let’s say you use Tremendous for research, but your friend at a nonprofit is frustrated with the hassle of distributing checks. That’s a perfect opportunity to help them save time.

If you’re not sure how to tell friends about Tremendous, here are a few places to start.

📣 Sales and marketing

Rebates, discounts, customer reviews, event perks, or referral programs (like this one!)

  • Case study: How FUSION sends $1.6 million in event incentives people “actually use and appreciate”.
  • Case study: "Tremendous is instrumental in us implementing complex incentive schemes that we simply wouldn't be able to do on our own." - Manny Rodriguez, SVP of Global New Business at Forsta

🧑‍🔬 Research

Incentives that keep participants happy.

  • Case study: How Atlassian uses Tremendous to pay 10,000+ research participants in 109 countries.
  • Interview with Duolingo’s UX research program manager.

🤝 HR

Personal, satisfying employee recognition at scale.

❤️ Nonprofits

The free, easy way to distribute funds to participants, employees, and volunteers.