Physical Visa FAQ


What does a recipient receive after redeeming a physical Visa card?

Upon redeeming a physical Visa card, the recipient receives an email providing them with a delivery timeline and a link to activate their card.

How do recipients activate their cards?

There are two ways recipients can activate their physical Visa card:

  1. By clicking the link delivered to their email address (pictured above)

  2. By clicking Activate Card on and entering the 20-digit code located on the back of their card

Do recipients have to register their physical Visa card?

It is recommended that recipients register their physical Visa card on, especially if their card is of high value. If they lose the card in the future, they can have a replacement card issued with the remaining balance. That said, it is not strictly required for recipients to register their card.

What should recipients do if they lose their physical Visa card?

If a recipient loses their physical Visa card, or if it is stolen from them, they can report the card as lost/stolen on as long as they have registered it previously. If they have not registered it, Tremendous' support team ( can still send the recipient a replacement card provided there is no spend activity on the card.


Can recipients withdraw cash from their card?

No, recipients cannot withdraw cash from their card at an ATM nor use it for any cash-equivalent transactions (e.g. money orders or on Venmo).

Do recipients have to enter a PIN for their physical Visa card?

Recipients are not required to enter a PIN for their physical Visa card unless they would like to run the card as debit when making payments. Recipients can make any payments by running the transaction as credit, without needing to enter a PIN.

However, please note that some merchants will reject a debit transaction (even if the pin is entered correctly) if their terminal allows cash withdrawal. For example, the recipient will not be able to make debit transactions at Target or Walmart.

Can physical Visa cards be used online?

Yes, physical Visa cards can be used to make purchases online as long as they have been activated beforehand (i.e. there is a billing address associated with the card).


How are physical Visa cards shipped? Is tracking available?

Physical Visa cards are delivered via USPS mail within 5-10 business days of redemption in a plain white envelope. There is no tracking available.

The return address on the envelope will be:

PO Box 780298 #62949

Wichita, KS 67278

What do the physical Visa cards and carrier look like?