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KYB: Program Requirements

Requirements for adding international prepaid cards to your account

Visa USD

  • Recipients must be employees, channel partners, or contractors. Payments to consumers are not permitted.

  • Your company must have a presence in the US as well as any country where you plan to issue USD.

  • For corporate disbursement programs (e.g. refunds, disaster relief): At least 50% of the cards issued must be to US recipients.

  • For corporate incentive programs (e.g. sales incentives, health & wellness): The number of cards issued to recipients in the US must exceed the number of cards issued in each of the other countries.

Visa CAD

  • Recipients must be located in Canada.

  • Your company must have a presence in Canada.

Mastercard GBP, EUR

  • Recipients must be located within the European Economic Area (EEA) and/or UK.

  • Your company must have a presence in the EEA and/or UK.


Definition: The company (or its parent/sister/holding company) has a registered business address in the country of issuance. A virtual office may be considered as having a presence if the company has an authorized business registration in the country.