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FAQ: Getting Started


Why use Tremendous?

Tremendous is built for organizational use. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a university, or a nonprofit, you'll find the tools you need to run a successful rewards & incentives program with Tremendous:

  • Bulk ordering via spreadsheet upload, manual entry, and API

  • Customization tools to fit the redemption experience to your brand and audience

  • Team management so that your colleagues can send rewards

  • Advanced order history and reporting tools

  • Highly qualified support representatives to handle any inquiries from you and your recipients

  • Variety of payment options: credit card (US only), bank account (US only), and prepayment

How much does it cost to use?

There are no sign-up or subscription fees to use the Tremendous platform – it's free. You pay for the rewards you purchase and any associated product fees.

Account Management

Why haven't I received the email to verify my account?

Before you resend the verification email, please add clients@tremendous.com to your email whitelist (or ask your IT team to accept all tremendous.com emails). It may be the case that the email is being filtered or blocked before it reaches your inbox.

Why don't I see the international Visa and Mastercard options on my account?

Please see here.

Sending Rewards

How do I submit a bulk order?

Orders can be submitted via the Tremendous dashboard by manually entering gift details or uploading a pre-filled CSV.

Does Tremendous offer an API to purchase rewards?

Yes! To get started on programmatically sending rewards, please see the API documentation.

Can I customize the redemption experience to fit my organization's branding?

Yes. Your branding assets, like logo and colors, can be added. See here for more information.

Rewards Management

How can I resend a reward to a recipient who says they haven't received it?

Please see here.

How can I view past purchases?

In the left-hand menu, click Orders & Rewards. You can also download a spreadsheet of your reward history by following these steps.

Any other questions?

Please search our help center or email us at clients@tremendous.com.