Common Usage Questions

General Questions

Why was my transaction declined?

You can click on an individual line item on your Visa card page to view the reason for decline.

Can I use my card at a non-US merchant?

No, the card must be used within the US. Any online transaction on a website not based in the US will be declined.

I made a return. Why don't I see it on my statement?

Returns can take a few business days to reflect on your statement. If you still don't see it after that time period, please reach out to the merchant to inquire about your return.


Why do I have a pending transaction on my card?

The pending transaction is the authorization the merchant has placed on your card to ensure there are enough funds to pay for your purchase. It will fall off of your statement in 7 business days from the date it appeared.

Why is the pending transaction greater than the amount of my purchase?

Merchants sometimes authorize the card for more than the amount of your purchase. This is common at restaurants, for example, to account for tip. After the transaction settles and the authorization is removed, the amount you did not spend will be returned to your available balance.

What happens if I don't have enough funds on my card to process a transaction?

If an authorization is greater than your available balance, then the transaction will be declined due to insufficient funds.

If the merchant is able, you can request them to charge part of your purchase to your card and pay for the remaining balance on your own (this is called a split transaction). However, not all merchants are able to process split transactions.

Additional Help

I still have questions. Whom can I contact?

Please email with any questions you have.