The email is a part of a digital reward's visual presentation that you can customize.


Optionally add your organization's logo and set its height in pixels. The maximum possible size of your logo depends on if it's greater in width or in height. If it's greater in width, then your logo will be 400px wide at its maximum. If it's greater (or equal) in height, then your logo will be 150px tall at its maximum.

Background Color

You can change the color of the View Reward button to match your logo (or to be whatever color you want it to be!).

Because the "View Reward" text is white and cannot be adjusted, please choose a background color that is not white or off-white (i.e. please choose a color that will contrast with the text so the recipient can easily read it).

Sender Name

When the recipient receives their reward email, it will be from "[Sender Name] via Tremendous."


You can customize the email's subject line and message. For either, you can include dynamic fields that will adjust based on the specific recipient's reward once you place your order. For example, if your message says "Hi {{ recipient_name }} . . .", John Smith's reward will read "Hi John Smith . . ." while Sarah Lee's reward will read "Hi Sarah Lee . . ."

Q: What will the email will look like?

Based on the example in the screenshot above, a $5 reward sent to Jane will look like the following:

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