This document provides an overview of how to use Tremendous as a Campus Living administrator. All you need to do is follow these steps to be successful.

Adding Team Members with Correct Permissions

  1. Follow these steps to add team members. Make sure you add the team member under their local account ("Hawks Ridge," for example), not the "Campus Life & Style" parent account.
  2. This article shows you how to set correct user permissions. For new users who are not admins, you will want to turn off all "Campaign" permissions so they cannot create, edit, or delete campaigns.

Setting Budgets for Specials

  1. Under "Settings" navigate to the appropriate account and select "Budgets" as shown below.

2. Click "Add Limit" to add a new campaign budget limit, or click the "pencil"/edit icon to change an existing campaign budget.

3. Select the campaign using the drop-down, and add a budget limit.

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