1. Navigate 

To send digital rewards, navigate to the Order section and click Digital Rewards.

2. Choose a Campaign

Click here to learn more about campaigns.

3. Add Recipients

Add your recipients manually to the table or upload a CSV.

To download a sample CSV file, click Download CSV Template. Using the template ensures that the columns are set up correctly for when you upload the file.

4. Payment

Click on the payment method you would like to use; the selected method's checkbox will turn blue. Click Submit in the upper righthand corner to complete your payment.

Click here to learn more about payment options.

5. Add an Order ID (Optional)

After clicking Submit, you will be prompted to add your own order ID for internal billing and tracking purposes. 

Note: The ID must be unique or the order will fail.

If you do not wish to add your own order ID, leave the field blank.

Click Submit to complete your order.

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