What are fields?

During the ordering process, there are a list of attributes that you must specify for each reward, e.g. the reward amount, the recipient's name, etc. Each attribute is defined by a field.

There are a handful of default fields that will already be listed, but you can add your own custom fields as well.

Why add Custom Fields?

You may find fields useful for tracking and reporting purposes or during the order flow.


• Activate the Currency Code field to specify non-USD denominations.
• Activate the Recipient Phone field to send SMS rewards.
• Add a Project Name field that will help you track your orders more easily.

How to Create a Custom Field

As a team admin (members do not have access to team settings), navigate to Settings > Fields.

On the righthand side, click the Add Reward Field button. Name the field and choose the field type. Check the Required box if you want to require the field to be filled out during the order flow.

Note: If you make a field required and it is left empty during the order process, the order will fail.

There are seven types of Field Types: checkbox, date, dropdown, email, number, text, and text area. Choose one of them from the dropdown menu.

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