As the sender of a reward, you can specify the catalog for domestic and international recipients. This is the first step of creating/editing a Campaign, which is a reusable template that can be used for multiple orders.

Selecting Rewards


You can search by country (or countries), and click More Gift Cards to search for a specific brand.

Select All Options in a Specific Category

To select all the options in a specific category, click the checkbox located on its left-hand side. For example, instead of searching individually for every Amazon card available, you can select all Amazon gift cards at once. (You can click on the row itself to view which specific cards are in this category.)

Q: How are these options presented?

The recipient sees only the options you have made available to them that also meet the reward's denomination restrictions. (For example, if you sent a USD$1 reward, then the Uber gift card would not be shown even if you included it the catalog).

Q: How do international rewards work?

Recipients are automatically geo-located and presented with the catalog of rewards appropriate for their IP region.  A recipient in Canada, for example, will automatically see Canadian catalog options.

To learn more about sending rewards in currencies other than USD, click here.

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