To add funds to your account balance via wire transfer, you can generate an invoice.

Creating the Invoice

After clicking Add Funds, select the Bank Transfer option pictured below.

Next, select Generate an invoice.

You will be prompted to enter the amount you'd like to add to your balance. You may add a PO# for your internal records or accounts payable team.

You will receive the invoice PDF via email. You can then specify the email address(es) to which you would like to send the invoice. It will also be available through the dashboard.

You have the option to add a header to the invoice with additional information about your organization.

This information will be saved for future invoices and can be edited from the Invoice Settings section within Billing.

Bank Transfer Instructions

If your bank is not located in the US, please follow these instructions instead.

Otherwise, the account and routing numbers for your payment will be listed within the Payment Details section.

IMPORTANT – Please include a reference to the invoice number with your payment.

When will the funds become available?

If your invoice is still pending, you will be able to see that from looking at your Account Balance.

The funds will be added at 12pm EST after we receive the funds. Typically, this takes 1-3 business days (although it may take longer if the bank transfer is initiated from a non-US bank).

Viewing Invoices

You can view current and past invoices by accessing the Invoices tab within your History page.

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