How does currency conversion work?

With Tremendous, you can send rewards in dozens of different currencies. Depending on your goals, it may not be necessary to specify a currency other than USD. Because Tremendous offers automatic conversion, typically customers will use USD unless they marketed the rewards in another currency and want to be sure to deliver the precise amount that they marketed.

Automatic Conversion (USD)

By default, Tremendous will automatically convert a USD-denominated reward to the currency of the payout that your recipient selects. For example, if you send a $25 USD reward and your recipient selects an Amazon Canada card, they will receive the the equivalent CAD value based on the foreign exchange rate.

Specifying Non-USD Denominations

In the event that you specified a foreign currency when marketing your incentive to recipients (e.g. CAD$100), you can choose that currency during the ordering process to make sure your recipient receives the precise amount in the local currency.

  • As a team admin, navigate to Settings > Fields
  • Set the Currency Code field to Active by clicking the checkbox

When placing your order, you will want to select the desired currency code for each reward via CSV upload or by choosing from the dropdown list.

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